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FLW USA Hackathon 2022
Powered by Josef


About the platform

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Josef is a game-changing no-code platform that puts the power to create digital legal tools in the hands of corporate counsel and legal ops professionals.


Josef's easy-to-use no-code platform means legal teams no longer need to wait for big budgets or capacity from IT to implement automation projects.

How does Josef work?

Josef enables users to create their own legal bots using a drag-and-drop no-code automation user interface.


With Josef, legal teams can easily create and launch their own legal bots to save time on repetitive tasks, improve the client experience, and focus on higher-value strategic work.

Participate with your peers and colleagues and stand a chance to win an exciting prize.

All Participants will also receive 2 free passes to attend the highly reputed Future Lawyer Week USA 2.0 on 15th March 2022.

Date: 14th March 2022  

Venue: etc.venues, 360 Madison Ave, NY 10017

The no-code universe is expanding, now touching on every corner of legal work. In this hackathon, we see how far we can push the boundaries, and how no-code automation has become an essential part of the legal toolkit.

Join us for the most exciting ‘work thing’ you will do in 2022! 

Participate in the Future Lawyer Week USA Hackathon powered by Josef for a Hackathon without a hack!


What’s the hack ?

Create your own legal bots using Josef's no-code automation tool. Maybe create an automation for that document you always have to manually prepare. Or think bigger? Create a legal advice bot that could help thousands, maybe even millions.


You have a blank canvas to create with Josef, the only limit is your imagination.

Use Case Options:



You’ve got mail!: Streamline intake so that you don’t have ad hoc requests coming at you by phone, email, a knock on the door, or carrier pigeon!


Help yourself!: Sick of answering the same question over and over?

Or generating the same simple document for clients? Build a self-service tool to allow your clients to help themselves.


Make the complex simple: Create an easily digestible training or assessment tool for the latest piece of mind-boggling regulation to land on your desk. This could be for your clients, or to train your colleagues.  


Data Collection: Build a data collection tool that will collect, analyse and decode your business’s data for you.


Work smarter, not harder: Build a bot to help you and your team get your work done faster and better. Think of that letter you have to draft from scratch every time, or that question your junior needs to research every month.

Select then hack the scenario that most closely relates to your job from the list above, and see if you can make an impact. Use Josef automation to save time, scale services and delight staff and clients.

Meet the judges


Nicola Shaver

Jeroen Plink

CEO and Co-Founder
LegalTechnology Hub

LegalTechnology Hub

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Shannon Frison

Superior Court 

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Co-Founder and COO

Tom Dreyfus

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